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May 25, 2024. Regulating the Nervous System in Spiritual Work
Spiritual work involves engaging the life-force energy in a process that takes one out of identification with the limited, individual form, so that consciousness can be “awakened” to its true nature and function (however that might be articulated in any given tradition or school of thought). This process can produce “stress” and “arousal” in ways that can trigger the physiological and psychological organism’s survival instincts. In order for this stress to produce growth rather than system shut-down (fight, flight, or freeze), the body’s nervous system needs to be regulated and resilient. A regulated nervous system has the ability to move flexibly between different states of arousal in response to stressors. What are some ways to assess and cultivate our capacity to move flexibly between states? What is the importance of self-regulation and co-regulation on the spiritual path? How might understanding these concepts help deepen our practice, mitigate some of the confusions that can arise in navigating spiritual practices and groups, and enrich our ongoing lives individually and with others?

Speaker: Clelia Vahni Lewis is the author of Stainless Heart: The Wisdom of Remorse, and is a freelance editor specializing in works of dharma, spiritual practice, self-help, and memoir.

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