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August 20. The Recognition of Our Own Heart

"Each object of perception attains union with God through your experience of it…”
This excerpt from the sacred text, Recognition of Our Own Heart, is a sample that I hope conveys a sense of why I am in love with this amazing text. It is as alive today as it was when it was written over 1000 years ago. Having studied and taught yoga for decades and having aligned myself with work in a spiritual tradition, I have found these teachings to be invaluable adjuncts for my life and practice.
This treatise is a source text of Kashmiri Shaivism and expresses the innate goodness and simplicity of one’s true nature. For those of us who doubt, who feel separate from Divinity or “left behind” by Grace, who are thwarted by the complexities of certain spiritual systems, this text is a literal Godsend…or let’s say “Goddess-send,” as its language and orientation is fully and necessarily inclusive of Her.
In this talk I will share my experience of this treasure text; how it has informed and transformed my thinking, and how passionate I am to continue to incorporate it into my teaching and my everyday life.
Speaker: Karen Sprute-Francovich is a teacher of all the aspects of Yoga--the physical and philosophical, the scientific and the mystical. She is a long-time student of Lee Lozowick.

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