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June 3. Removing Obstacles to Our Heart's Desire
Lalitha's teacher, Lee Lozowick, would sometimes ask students what price they were willing to pay in order to realize their highest goals in life. After students would excitedly run through the list of common currenciesmoney, time, effort, the sacrifice of preferencesand learn that these were insufficient, Lee would launch into a discussion about the true cost. "The Work, God, Transformation doesn't want your money. It wants your greed, your lust, your shame and self-hatred. It wants all the ways in which you identify with anything other than who you, in fact, are. The only problem is, such a price is not something you can pay as a matter of will, as though it's a choice anyone can make. And so we have spiritual practice." Removing the obstacles in our way is a lifelong pursuit and commitment, not a weekend hobby.

Speaker: Lalitha  is a spiritual teacher residing in British Columbia, Canada, who has been a disciple in the Western Baul tradition since 1982. Her teaching style is rooted in the activities and responsibilities of ordinary life. Her books include Waking to Ordinary Life and Cultivating Spiritual Maturity.

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